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Levin Minnemann Rudess – From The Law Offices Of Levin Minnemann Rudess Review

More than a supergroup, lightning strikes twice for LMR.

Todd Jones (Nails/Ex-Terror) Interview

Nails frontman talks “You Will Never Be One Of Us”, his days with Terror, Record Store Day, and playing Black Sabbath’s last North American show.

Retro Rampage Podcast Ep. 19 – Shenmue 3 Smashes Record & Kickstarter Ethics

The major successes of games like this and Mighty No. 9, Yooka-Laylee, and Bloodstained, have us wondering if the format will be abused by big name developers.

Retro Rampage Podcast Ep. 18 – Oculus Rift & Nintendo’s Unwillingness To Do Virtual Reality

After humiliation in the past from Nintendo and a weird fixation on it in 90’s pop-culture, will Virtual Reality finally have it’s hour in the sun?

Retro Rampage Podcast Ep. 17 – Metroid Prime Federation Petition & Games Getting Announced Too Early

Big babies are big babies when petitioning to have a game scrapped.

Retro Rampage Podcast Ep. 16 – Rare Replay Collection Bringing Back Battletoads & Banjo-Kazooie

The pigs flying over our heads tell us it’s time to the Xbox One a little credit due.

Slayer Release Tracklisting & Title Track For “Repentless”! Listen Here!

And it’s not nearly as dumb as the title! In fact, it actually rips pretty hard!

Retro Rampage Podcast Ep. 15 – Earthbound Beginnings & Metal Gear Solid 5 Micro-Transactions

A long-awaiting Nintendo finally get’s localization and Konami is scheming!

Retro Rampage Podcast Ep. 14 – Final Fantasy VII Remake Thoughts & Metal Gear Stereotypical Accents

We dissect everything to do with the bombshell that Square-Enix dropped this past weekend and also delve into the golden-era of video game voice acting.

Iron Maiden Announce Book Of Souls Album! Cover Art Also Revealed!

Throat cancer is know match for the mighty Maiden as they set to unleash a whopping double album!

Halloween Returns Story Revealed & Why It’s A Good Move For The Franchise

Plus, an old-familiar face is returning! “Death?? You don’t know what death is!!!”

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Thoughts

Also, why you shouldn’t hold your breath exactly.

Retro Rampage Podcast Ep. 13 – Fallout Backlash From Spoiled Gamers & Why We Love David Hater

The recent outcry from Bethesda fans over a non-existent graphical leap has us discussing the state of spoiled gamers in the modern era and also, old-school voice actors and our love for David Hayter.

Retro Rampage Podcast Ep. 12 – Best/Worst Game Based Movies & Uwe Boll’s Tirade

The rapist of video game franchises goes on a “rampage” online, influencing our discussion concerning the best and worst of game-based movies. Suffice to say, we had a blast reciting old cheesy one-liners on a great nostalgia-trip!

Retro Rampage Podcast Ep. 11 – Mega Man Legacy & Crazy Capcom

Capcom seemingly tests the market with the newly announced, Mega Man Legacy Collection, and has us wondering why the company has little faith the Blue Bomber.

Power Rangers Reboot Gets A Logo

Not sure if it’s packing the punch it needs to, but time will tell!

Walking Dead Star Cast As Punisher For Marvel’s Daredevil Series

Jon Bernthal cast perfectly in the role of vigilante, Frank Castle.

Retro Rampage podcast Ep. 10 – Resident Evil 0 HD & The State Of The Franchise

The fans have clearly spoken given the sales of the first HD remake, so is giving us RE0 HD a tease, or will the franchise finally scare us again with the future RE7?

Soulfly Reveals Artwork & Tracklisting For “Archangel”

The ever-hardworking Max Cavalera readies their tenth album in August. Get a taste of the killer art here!

Retro Rampage Podcast Ep. 9 – Spiritual Sequels & Arkham Knight DLC Robbery

Let’s talk about return-to-form games like Yooka-Laylee and Bloodstained, and also getting raped by the game developers we love by outrageous DLC!