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Scout Taylor-Compton Interview

The modern day Scream Queen talks with us about her involvement with Halloween 3-D, her opinion on Rob Zombie’s day job, and her favorite Halloween film.

The Walking Dead Podcast Season 5 Premiere Episode 52: “No Sanctuary”

A new season of the most watched show on cable means a new season of our equally popular podcast (We can dream, right?). Join the roundtable as we break down the record breaking premiere!

Iron Man 4 Happening After All Confirms Downey (Video)

Tony Stark himself gives every fan the news they’ve wanted to hear since the great Mandarin debacle.

Annabelle Review

Our review of the cheap cash in prequel to the wonderful, The Conjuring.

First Annual Rock In Rio USA Announced

Massive event set to span 2 weekends and 6 stages featuring Metallica, Linkin Park, and the Deftones.

Mark Patton Interview

Star of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge speaks about the devoted following to the unique sequel, as well as his new book and upcoming documentary about Scream King, Jesse.

Mega Man Action Figures Due Next Year From First 4 Figures

The Blue-Bomber never looked so beautiful… or displayable!

Slipknot Overload: New Masks! New Video! New Members! All Revealed Here!

Get ready to OD on The Nine as we’ve got an abundance of new goodies just one click away! Watch “The Devil In I” here and behold the new masks and members.

Marco Minnemann Interview

Marco discusses what went into writing his latest solo journey, EEPS.

The Ghost Inside Releases An Avalanche

We’re given a taste of their upcoming album with the first single! Listen here.

Scott Wilson Interview

Herschel Greene himself discusses the impact of The Walking Dead on pop culture.

Hideo Kojima And Guillermo Del Toro Teaming Up For Silent Hill Reboot

Built on Kojima’s famous Fox Engine, “Silent Hills” will star The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus.

“Green Inferno” Gets Shelved, But For How Long?

What will happen to Eli Roth’s cannibalistic gore-fest?

Schwarzenegger Unveils New Terminator Title

…or rather, a new take on a title that’s already been kicked around.

The Thing (2011) Review

This “billed as a reboot” prequel, albeit flawed, serves the original story well with some nifty nods and old-school suspense.

The Road To Destiny

With a mere (yet so very time consuming) weekend with the new Beta, I’ve been given more than enough to explain why we should be excited for Bungie’s upcoming epic.

Slipknot Release New Song “The Negative One”

Spoiler Alert: It sounds just like the first album.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Review

Marvel proves that they’re still on fire with what just might be their best film to date.

Flying Colors To Release Second Nature In September

The Prog-Pop big name outfit will release their sophomore outing through radiant records.

Hector And The Search For Happiness Trailer Released

Simon Pegg flexes his dramatic chops in a film that hopes to uplift spirits while no doubt retaining that signature Pegg-charm.